Language modules for Mozart 10

Plug-in modules to translate mozart's menus and dialogue boxes.

This page will be updated regularly with improvements and extensions to the language modules.

[Please see the invitation to participate in our translation programme. ]


Modules to download and install

[ for Mozart 10.0 ]  

[en]  English o  
[cz]  Česky o
[cn]  Chinese 中文 o
[de]  Cymraeg o
[de]  Deutsch o
[es]  Español o
[fr]  Français o
[it]  Italiano o
[nl]  Nederlands o
[nl]  Português o
[se]  Svenska o

oTranslation complete oTranslation incomplete
oNot yet available

Using mozart language modules

  1. Run (eg) mozart10Setup_esp.exe
  2. Launch Mozart
  3. Menu: Tools/Preferences:

Menus & dialogue boxes                 Instrument names





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