Bugfix Mozart 14

Improvement history for Mozart 14


Mozart Service Pack Infelicities addressed

MOZART 14 version 14.0.9

8 July 2018

  • A bug crept into the music font size dialogue in build 14.0.7. Thanks to Ken Schweim for pointing it out. It is hereby fixed.

MOZART 14 version 14.0.8

6 July 2018

  • Testing the "Check for updates" command in Mozart 14.0.5 revealed problems getting the new version information from the internet. A previously cached version of file which contains that data was obtained, and of course that indicated that everything was up to date.
    This version tries harder to avoid finding cached data, but of course this will only become apparent when the next service pack is available.

MOZART 14 version 14.0.7

5 July 2018

  • Thanks to Larry Rice for noticing that the font sizes are not always listed in order in the Music Font Size dialogue box. This is now fixed.
  • Thanks to Roger Prowse for finding that, in beamed groups, grace note stems (when upward) were not correctly drawn. This is now fixed.
  • Mozart 14 is more sensitive to unmatched hairpin ends than earlier versions. So now it checks for them and removes any when loading a file from an older version (where had they been inadvertantly left, they would have been invisible).
  • Fitting music to the current printer page did not work correctly in few cases. Thanks to Keith Williamson for providing an example. This is now improved.
  • Thanks to Chris Beeson for observing that entering an extra barline would not cause notes, rests, or even ghosts in parallel parts to split in order to accommodate it. The behaviour of previous versions is now restored.
  • Thanks also to Chris Beeson for suggesting that Chord names and Chord shapes should be left-right pullable with Allt+left/right. This is now implemented. (Use it sparingly!!!)

MOZART 14 version 14.0.5

21 June 2018

  • Help: Following requests on the chat group some small improvements have been made to the help system.
  • Inserting notes: Thanks to Barry Brooks for promptly reporting a bad problem with inserting notes into an empty bar. This is a bug which was introduced in Service Pack 14.0.4 - a side effect of one of the fixes. I hate it when that happens. It is now fixed.

MOZART 14 version 14.0.4

17 June 2018

  • Caret movement: Thanks to Cindy Pedder for pointing out that Ctrl+Spacebar didn't stop the caret moving on after the note was entered. This is now fixed.
  • Infelicitous attachments: Thanks also to Cindy for finding that a text item can unintentionally be attached to the end-of-tune marker. This is now prevented.
  • Following on: attempting to attach other items to the end-of-tune marker caused problems which have now been fixed.
  • Pauses on a conductor stave: Thanks to Mitch Park for reporting problems with pauses on the conductor stave. These are now fixed.
  • Orphaned hairpin ends: Thanks to Clive Longhurst for providing a score in which an orphan start-of-hairpin caused problems, especially in panoramic view. Failsafe code has now been introduced to stop this happening.
  • Status bar mix-up: Thanks to John Ryle for discovering that the caret pitch names on the status bar were not always correct. This is now fixed.
  • Pasting at the end: Thanks to Dan Schultz for managing to copy and paste at the end, in a way which encountered a problem. This was difficult to reproduce and it ony seems to have happened under very specific circumstances which were difficult to isolate. But I believe it is fixed now.
  • Landscape/portrait problems: Thanks to J S Pooh for noticing an infelicity in the Page Setup dialogue when switching between landscape and portrait orientations. This is now fixed.
  • Cue note spacing: The standard horizontal spacing of cue notes was the same as that of normal notes. This was an oversight. It is now corrected.

MOZART 14 version 14.0.3

23 May 2018

  • Deleting bars: Thanks to John Snyder for providing an example where deleting a bar (with the music justified in "publish mode) caused the program to hang. This is now fixed.
  • Rendering of hairpins: John's file also illustrated some infelicitous drawing when the end of a hairpin is attached to a line-change barline. This is now fixed too.
  • Rendering of brackets: And while we're at it, the same problem is headed off for other passages (8va, guitar barrĂ©, etc) marked with extended brackets over the music.
  • Rendering of multi-bar rests: The criterion for allowing the bar count to be included in line with a multibar-rest has been relaxed. This can now happen with slightly shorter rests.
  • The general emergency fix-up command (Ctrl+F5) was having problems with multi-bar rests in prallel parts. This is now fixed.
  • Reading old files: Thanks Jake Moskowitz for reporting that some old Mozart files were causing problems, and refusing to be read in. This is now fixed.

MOZART 14 version 14.0.2

16 May 2018

  • Chord names: Thanks to Chris Beeson for noticing that chord names were still incorrectly presented when a capo was in use. This is definitely fixed now.
  • Lyric line depth: Thanks to Ken Schweim for pointing out problems changing the lyric line depth without changing the lyric font size. This is now thoroughly overhauled in the Layout Editor.
  • Spacing of time signature changes: Thanks to Jeroen Neve for noticing that importing music from XML didn't space complex repeat barlines with time signatures correctly. This is now fixed.
  • Short hairpins: Thanks to Leward Fluty for discussions on when Mozart refuses to draw a dynamic at the end of a very short hairpin. He has convinced us that Mozart is being a bit sniffy about this (our description, not his!) and the condition is henceforth removed: Mozart will always draw dynamics on hairpins when you ask for them, and if it looks awful on ashort one, it is your responsibility not to ask for it.

MOZART 14 version 14.0.1

9 May 2018

  • Copyright text field: Thanks to Gregg Dunn for noticing that the copyright text field is not imported from older Mozart files. This is now fixed.
  • Chord names: Thanks to Richard Ball for noticing that chord names with explicit bass notes were not printing properly. This too is now fixed.
  • Custom keyboard shortcuts: Thanks to Cindy Pedder for finding that she couldn't set a keyboard shortcut when she should have been able to. It turns out that this is the lid of a can of worms: all sorts of strange things are happening with that dialogue box. But it is in the Microsoft Foundation Class library, which limits debugging possibilities. Some fixes have been applied, which may or may not solve the problem. It's probably time to bite the bullet and replace the library dialogue with a mozart-specific one, but this will take longer.
  • Using a capo: Thanks to Chris Beeson for noticing that chord names were incorrectly presented when a capo was in use. This is now fixed.
  • Short hairpins: Thanks to Leward Fluty for pointing out problems inserting a hairpin spanning a single note. This is now fixed. Also the minimum length of a hairpin you can enter has been reduced from 4 notewidths to 2. Very short ones can look pretty awful, but now, at least you have more choice!
  • Miscellaneous: Some of the detailed properties of the mozart.exe file were inacurately attibuted to the mozartReader. This is now fixed too.



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