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New in Mozart 13

Mozart 13 was released in April 2016.

It introduced the following new features.


Please note: the music images on this page were created with Mozart 13. The quality of engraving provided by the current version is much improved in many respects.


The principal new feature of Mozart 13 is a more modern user interface.


Mozart 12 had evolved to have very long menus and more toolbars than would conveniently fit on the screen.


Mozart 13 is designed to let you easily find features you never knew Mozart had!


Please take a moment to explore the interface below.

Keyboard Interface


All of Mozart 12's standard keyboard shortcuts have been retained. Mozartists can type music just as you always did!


The Home Tab


The home tab exhibits all the usual standard Windows editing commands: cut copy paste, find, ... as well as general Mozart-specific comands for properties, selection, and play-back.

The Note Tab


The note tab exhibits commands for entering and editing notes (complete with accidentals and augmentation dots where required) and rests.

The Bar Tab


The bar tab exhibits commands for editing bar lines and for performing operations on a whole measure.

The Symbol Tab


The symbol tab facilitates entering and editing of all music symbols other than notes/rests (which are on the Note tab), and bar-lines (which are on the Bar tab). These include accents, ornaments, dynamics, phrasing, ...

The Score Tab


The score tab exposes commands which affect the whole score including key, time-signature, instrumentation, voicing, styling, ...

The Layout Tab


The layout tab exposes comands relating to the overall layout of the music on the page, as well as music and text fonts, and text-boxes.

The View Tab


The view tab presents command affecting the on-screen appearance of the music, including magnification, justification, page & panoramic views, context colouring,...

The Options Tab


The options tab offers a choice of language and other overall preferences, as well as the piano tool, the new navigation tool, and access to macros.

The Grand Staff Tab

grand staff

The grand staff tab offers commands specific to a grand staff (piano staff) when you are editing music on one.

The Chord Tab


The chord tab presents commands relating to chord symbols when you are editibng a row of chord symbols.

The Conductor Tab


The conductor tab presents command modifying play-back tempo: rall, accel, pause, ...

application button app button

The "Application Button"

The application button at the top left drops down the file menu with all the usual file operations:  New, Open, Save, Import, Export,...

quick access toolbar

The "Quick Access Toolbar"

The Quick Access Toolbar offers commands which are available which ever category tab is active, and is fully customisable.



The help button launches Mozart's extensive integral help system. The neighbouring drop-down menu offers access to further help.


Play-back tool

The new play back tool makes it easy to select eaxactly which parts to play back and restart either where you finish or where you started last time. The tempo control allows you to play back at a fraction (or a multiple) of the defined tempo.


Navigation tool

Mozart has always prided itelf on its quick and easy keyboard interface, which allows you to type music.

But now Mozart also runs on Windows tablets (such as the Microsoft Surface Pro) and you may wish to use these without the detachable keyboard. In adition to the easily accessible Ribon Bar interface, Mozart 13 therefore also provides this resizeable 'Navigation Tool' which duplicates all the usual caret movement commands normally provided by the arrow keys together with Ctrl, Alt, and Shift.

Picture Galleries

Mozart 13's Ribbon Bar has allowed very many commands to become visually more intuitive by means of drop-down picture galleries. Some examples:

gallery  gallery  gallery  gallery  gallery  gallery  gallery  gallery  gallery 

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