Mozart Music Software
aims and objectives

This article summarises our aims and objectives in creating, distributing and providing support for Mozart music notation software.


At Mozart Music Software we want everyone to know the joy of creating and sharing music.

In developing Mozart our aims have always been:

  • to provide a music notation program of the first quality and yet which is within the budget of most amateur musicians and students;
  • to make a program which is fast, reliable and easy to use;
  • to produce a computer program which enables musicians of all levels of ability and experience to compose, arrange, hear, print, record and share, music of all kinds.
  • to offer personal and detailed support to customers world-wide.

In order to keep down the product cost we do not invest heavily in media advertising.

Mozart Music Software is a small family business and so we are able to keep close personal contact with an increasingly wide international customer base.

We were established in 1994 with the releaseof Mozart 1 for Windows 3.1, and in the decades since then have gone from strength to strength, guided always by users' ideas and requests for new features and capabilities.

An example showing the start of a piano piece by Frédéric Chopin



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