Mozart Music Fonts

Mozart offers you a choice of music fonts for any piece.   The Mozart Classic font is what you're accustomed to seeing on any high quality music publication from classical music to piano song sheets.   The Mozart Jazz font, on the other hand, lets you produce music in the style of what has become normal for jazz charts.

It has to be admitted that not everyone likes the jazz style, but (for example) after you've been playing in a big band for a little while, it starts to feel completely normal, and the classic style looks... well 'straight'.   The Mozart Jazz font  therefore provides an indefinable je ne sais quoi  to music which embodies the feel of swing, funk, or ...

The Mozart Jazz Text font is designed for text accompanying music written with the Mozart Jazz Font.

Both of the music fonts and the Mozart Jazz Text font are included with Mozart. The fonts are compared in the illustrations below.

jazz font ilustration font selector

The music is printed here with the Mozart Jazz Font and the text is shown with the accompanying Mozart Jazz Text font.   The style is that which is nowadays seen in many published jazz charts.

Using the font is simplicity itself.  Either specify one of the new jazz font templates for your new piece or go to Mozart's music font selector which makes it available in a drop down list. All you have to do is select it and close the dialogue box: 


classic font illustration font selector

For comparison, the music is printed here with the Mozart Classic font and the titles are drawn with the font "Times New Roman".



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