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Features of Mozart which aid its use internationally.



Language modules

Two aspects of Mozart may be shown in different languages:

  1. The interface: menus, dialogue boxes, tooltips, messages, ...
  2. The names of instruments

These can be chosen independently from 'language' tab of the preferences dialogue box. The instruments are always available in all the different languages for which Mozart has them; for the menus etc, you must install the desired language module.  You can download and install the latest language interface:

Mozart 14 language modules

Mozart 13 language modules

Mozart 12 language modules

Mozart 11 language modules

Mozart 10 language modules

Mozart 9  language modules

free of charge at any time.


Translation programme

All translations have been done by volunteers - Mozartists keen to make Mozart easier to use for their compatriots.

At Mozart Music Software, we are very grateful for their efforts, which are acknowledged in Mozart's help system.   Without them we could not make Mozart available in different languages at anything near its current price.

Some of the translation modules are complete and up-to-date; others are work-in-progress and untranslated text will appear in English.  But even the 'complete' ones will occasionally require updating.

If you'd like to assist with translation into your mother tongue, please contact

For more details please see our standing invitation.



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