The Sax Section
"no room at the inn"

The millennium approaches
and we're palying at a Christmas Fair




The Sax Section
The Sax Section

Dave Webber (alto), Sue Franklin (alto), Helen Masterton (alto),
Margaret Webber (tenor), Angela Fairhurst (tenor),
Ian Booth (baritone)


No room at the inn?

It's December 1999, the end of the millennium approaches and the shadows are growing longer.   Walton Hall and Gardens, (a local Stately Home and park)  are holding their now customary pre-Christmas "Winter Wonderland" fair, and have kindly invited The Sax Section to help out with some atmospheric music.   Under these circumstances no-one will be surprised to find us not in the nice warm hall itself, comfortably attired in dinner jackets and evening dresses, but in the stable clad in sweaters and overcoats, trying to work out how to stop icicles forming on the instruments!

Much of the music on the stands has been arranged and printed with Mozart the music processor.   The photograph is courtesy of fellow software author Chris Marriott who came along especially for the music :-)

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