Chord dictionaries

Below are some chord dictionaries you can download for use with Mozart


Guitar and ukulele chord shapes

Updates: 12 August 2011

The following updated chord shape dictionaries are available for Mozart:

These are replacements for the chord shape dictionaries supplied with Mozart 9 and 10and fix bugs which have crept in.


To make use of these:  you must usually copy the files manually to the following places to replace the existing files of the same name in two places (though the latter is more important):

  1. The templates folder within the mozart program directory tree.
    Examples of where this is found are

    • "C:\Program Files\mozart10\templates\"
    • "C:\Program Files (x86)\mozart10\templates\"

    on a 32bit Windows system and a 64bit Windows system respectively, running Mozart 10.


  2. The templates folder in your personal Mozart data space - typically for Mozart 10 under XP:

    "C:\Documents and Settings\<your name>\Application Data\Mozart 10\Templates"

    The location of the application data folder has moved confusingly in different Windows operating systems (from XP to Vista to 7), but there is a sure way to find it:

    type %appdata% (including the two % signs) into the location bar at the top, and then press Enter.

    The folder you arrive at will contain your persobnal Mozart data folder: Mozart 9 or Mozart 10 or ... according to the version. The Mozart templates folder resides within this.

The latter should be done for all mozart users with accounts on the computer in question.   If in doubt use the windows search function to find all instances of the file.



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