Instrument databases for Mozart 10

Mozart's instrument data base can be used with instrument names in any language.   The names are used for constructing stave labels (if you wish) and providing a default text instruction when a player changes instrument.


In early editions of Mozart 10, the options UK English, US English, French, Spanish, Dutch and German were originally supplied.

Here, thanks to a translation by František Kroupa, is a version in Czech.

To install it:  just download the file  (eg right click on this link and "save target as"), and put it together with the existing instrument.??.txt files in the data folder within your MOZART 10 program folder (typically C:\Program Files\Mozart10\Data or equivalent).  

Mozart 10 will find it there, and the Czech option will be added to the list of instrument languages found on the "languages" page of the "preferences" dialogue box, available from Mozart 10's Tools menu.

Note: you may need to download the latest Mozart 10 Service Pack to be able to use this option.


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