Release notes for Mozart 12

The improvement history for Mozart 12


Mozart Service Pack Infelicities addressed

MOZART 12 service pack 12.0.11

28 September 2018

  • A further incremental improvement to MusicXML import and export.

MOZART 12 service pack 12.0.10

23 August 2018

  • An incremental improvement to MusicXML import and export.

MOZART 12 service pack 12.0.9

18 August 2018

  • This special service pack updates MusicXML import and export to improve the rendition of MusicXML files exported from Mozart 14.

MOZART 12 version 12.0.7

December 2015

  • Thanks to Jeroen Neve for pointing out that creating a guitar chord staff and setting it to show chord shapes, doesnt always show the shapes correctly immediately they are entered. This is now fixed.
  • Thanks to Chris Beeson for finding that a pause (fermata) was not being drawn in the raster font. This was one of THOSE bugs. It ws not a problem in the debug version of the code, only in the release version. This meant that finding it took me back to the slow, primitive debugging techniques of the 1970s. Eventually I found a tiny error in the code, and was amazed. First the compiler should have spat it out. But more amazingly, it should have caused far worse devastation than one symbol not being drawn whan a certain font size was in use. I am baffled. But it is fixed now!
  • Thanks also to Chris for finding a rogue A7 chord shape in the guitar dictionary. This is now removed for new Mozart users, and instructions have been given on the chat group for deleting it from your existing installation without removing any valid custom chord shapes.
  • Thanks yet again to Chris for pointing out that the warning you get if you use a plucked string instrument with no supplied chord dictionary, comes up far too often. It now comes up less often: it should be only once for each appropriate part in any given editing session.
  • Thanks to Chris Leslie for suggesting that an explicit note in the help system would be useful, saying that bar-bracket sequences (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc time) should be configured only after all are in place. The addition is now present.
  • Thanks again to Greg Dunn for finding that capo chords did not print in parentheses when using a font other than Mozart's own for chord symbols. Still can't see why it should have done that, but it's fixed now.
  • Thanks to Kevin Haferkorn for pointing out that the re and ti shapes in the 7-shape-note system were interchanged. This is now fixed.
  • Thanks to Jeff Requadt for finding an example where transposition introduced spurious ghosts on a chord staff. This is now fixed.
  • Thanks to Bill Braun for pointing out that Ctrl+Shift+Numpad0-9 commands do not enter tablature notes at frets 10-19 as they should. It turns out that the signals from these key presses duplicate those from other keys and they're therefore difficult to distinguish. So these commands are now implemented with shortcuts Alt+Ctrl+NumPad0-9.

MOZART 12 version 12.0.6

June 2015

  • Thanks to John Filsak for reporting a problem with extra barlines: deleting one caused incorrect redrawing. This was the tip of an unpleasant iceberg: not only did it not draw correctly, it also beeped when it shouldn't have, refused the Undo command, and Ctrl+F5 did not fix it as it ought to have done. All this is now fixed.

MOZART 12 version 12.0.5

May 2015

  • Thanks to Greg Dunn for noticing that the new feature - allowing different fonts for chord symbols - contained a bug. Chord names containing 'aug', 'dim', 'maj', 'sus', and 'add' were not printing correctly. This is now fixed.
  • In the course of arranging "Mood Indigo" for ukulele orchestra (don't ask!) we discovered that triplet quavers were not playing back correctly if the play-back is swung. This is now fixed.
  • Thanks to Bill Braun for reporting a bug with tablature staves. It turns out that copying a chunk of a score which includes a tablature stave was the problem. It is now fixed.

MOZART 12 version 12.0.4

April 2015

  • Thanks to Greg Dunn for reporting a printing problem: the Unicode text entrries in the Mozart Music fonts don't print on his particular HP printer (an HP Laserjet P2055dn) from any application. The only reason I can think of for this anomoly is that the fonts themselves have very large ascenders above the em-square and descenders below, in order to accomodate the treble clef on a staff the height of the em-square. There is no reason why fonts shouldn't be like this but it is unusual, and it seems the drivers don't like it.  Now Mozart's chord names are always drawn with the music symbols font, and this causes problems (on this printer) for any Mozart file with chord symbols. My objective in Mozart 12.0.4 is therefore to allow chord symbols to be printed alrenatively with (fairly) ordinary text fonts. I have therefore brought foward a...
    NEW FEATURE: from Mozart 12.0.4 there is a wider selection of fonts for chord symbols.
  • Thanks to Mitch Park for pointing out that when an accidental is cancelled with a natural on a subsequent note, the explicit natutral sign was not appearing in the abc export. This is now fxed.
  • While fixing the abc chromatics we discovered that not all abc software could handle reeat bar lines in the form [|: . It should have been OK but now they're exported in the more standard (but not so pretty) form |:
  • Thanks to Roger Prowse for finding an example where the lay-back cursor did not exactly follow the sound. This is now fixed.
  • Thanks to Nigel Parsons for pointing out that an 8va bracket covering three lines and hidden, still prints on the middle line. This is now fixed.
  • Thanks to Richard Hanney for discovering the 'pad with rests' command could hang if a selected block goes to the end of the piece. This is now fixed.
  • Thanks also to Richard for exposing difficulties in tying the last note in a repeated section, into the first note of the same repeated section. This is now possible (but as a matter of notation style not recommended if you can avoid it)!
  • Thanks to Chris Beeson for suggesting that a button would be useful for contracting systems with unwanted (hidden) staves. The 'Layout' tool bar now has 4 more buttons: contract systems, expand systems, expand the curent system, show/hide conductor stave. Furthermore checking these commands was proving less than useful as there are three states: all systems contracted; all systems expanded; some systems contracted. So the check mark has been discontinued. Instead the expand/contract commands will now beep when they achieve nothing - to tell you that the music is already in that state.
  • Thanks also to Chris for pointing out that there is no sound when you enter a chord symbol with no accompanying chord shape. This is now fixed.

MOZART 12 version 12.0.3

March 2015

  • Thanks to John McLaughlin for finding a spurious error message, when pasting music starting with a triplet after the end of the piece. This is now fixed.
  • It turns out that this also led to a related bug, playing havoc with the 'Fix-up command' (Ctrl+F5) applied to some files containintg tuplets. This is now fixed too.
  • Thanks to Jack Crawford for reporting problems with the help system when trying to access information on entering grace notes. Three related broken links in the index have now been fixed and hopefuly this should cure the problem.
  • Thanks to Nigel Parsons for pointing out the when hyphens are drawn between lyric syllables, and the syllables are either side of a line break, then at least one hyphen should be drawn on each line. This has now been effected.

MOZART 12 version 12.0.2

January 2015

  • Thanks to Tony Caporn for finding a redrawing problem when scrolling horizontally in a panoramic view.  This was a really diffuicult one to find, but turned out to be a minor typo in the source code.  Mea culpa.  It is fixed now.
  • Thanks to Jeroen Neve for pointing out that the pull commands (Alt+Up Alt+Down) did not work properly on the ends of horizontal brackets. They do now.
  • Thanks to John McLaughlin for providing a NIFF file which failed to import properly. The problem might in fact have had wider repercussions, but is now fixed.
  • Thanks to Cindy Pedder for pointing out that sharpening and flatening operations failed to work on a selected block. This is now fixed.
  • Thanks to Greg Dunn for pointing out that Alt+F then S is attached both to the Save command and the Open Sample command. The Open Sample command has been changed so that it is operated by Alt+F followed by M. [You may have to reset the Default and Mozart Menus to see the updated menu.]
  • Thanks also to Greg, for suggesting that the Z,X keys should shorten/lengthen the current note, even when the chord dialogue is active. This is a useful improvement! I've also added the W ' and " keys.
  • Thanks to Jeroen again for finding a formatting error when entering notes on a grand staff. Now fixed.
  • Thanks also to Jeroen for noticing that when a default-stem-direction control item is attached to a note, the new default direction only starts at the following note. It now starts on the note to which the control is attached. (Beam-joined groups, however, follow the convention as it is at the first note in the group).
  • Thanks again to Jeroen for pointing out that courtesy accidentals entered automaticlly on notes an octave away from a chromatically altered note, do not automatically come in parentheses if that option is set. This is now fixed.
  • Entering a tie between two notes while the caret is on a bar line was not working correctly. This is now fixed.
  • Entering a tie from a grace note to a note should cause it to encompass a beamed group of grace notes. This was not happening; it is now.
  • Thanks to Nigel Parsons for pointing out that Mozart's text substitution flags are exported in MusicXML, so that a title is often literally "&T" in the exported MusicXML. Thanks also to Mitch Park for pointing this out for abc export. It is now fixed in both.
  • Thanks to Hugo Holscher for finding a MusicXML file which caused problems. Mozart 12 turned out to be unable to cope with imports when there was a multiple bars rest in one part, but not in a parallel part. It does now (by splitting the multiple bars rest up into individual bars rest).
  • Thanks also to Hugo for finding a MusicXML file to which a numbr of empty bars were appended on import. This turned out also to be to do with importing pieces containing multiple bars rest symbols, and is fixed now.
  • In dealing with Hugo's bug discovery, it became apparent that, when importing foreign formats, MOZART can also be prone to obtaining phrase marks with only one end. These, if they occur, are now expunged remorselessly.
  • Thanks to Nigel Parsons again for providing a MusicXML import where the lyric lines were confused. The import is now improved and in cases where there might still be problems Ctrl+F5 now fixes this one. It has also raised some questions about how scanning software can distinguish lyric syllables from other text. This may always be a problem.
  • Thanks to Bengt Johnsson for exposing a bug whereby merging a tuplet, left an invisible unpaired end-of-tuplet marker which went on to cause trouble. This is now fixed. And the Ctrl+F5 fix-up command has been extended to deal with any such problems in existing files.
  • Thanks to Zlatoje Pajcic for highlighting some problems with tab staves. A low-level bug on tab staves has now been fixed, and hopefully this will solve any problems.
  • Thanks to Niels Rasmussen for uncovering a problem saving pieces containing unbeamed parts: the unbeamed status was not being saved and restored properly. This is now fixed.
  • Thanks to Mitch Park for pointing out that abc listings on import and export are actually editble but to no effect. Editing at this point was never intended in Mozart 12, and this is now signalled by disabling the text.
  • Thanks also to Mitch for highlighting that chord symbols were not being exported properly to abc. This is now fixed.
  • Thanks to Fred Bridges for pointing out that a single tie under a stack of notes is not correctly imported from MusicXML. This is now fixed.
  • Following some odd experiences with MusicXML import the procedure for assessing/choosing space for titles in imported files has been improved.
  • Thanks to Jack Crawford for finding a broken link in the help index, and making some suggestions about grace notes, which have now been improved slightly.

MOZART 12 version 12.0.1

November 2014

  • In Windows XP (only) the File/Open and File/OpenSample commands were not bringing up the file selector. This was due to an inconsistency in the behaviour of the relevant Windows API function in XP compared with Vista,7,8,81, all of which were fine. A short extra section of code now detects the user's operating system and makes allowances if it is XP.



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