Release notes for Mozart 13

The improvement history for Mozart 13


Mozart Service Pack Infelicities addressed

MOZART 13 service pack 13.0.20

28 September 2018

  • A further incremental improvement to MusicXML import and export.

MOZART 13 service pack 13.0.19

23 August 2018

  • An incremental improvement to MusicXML import and export.

MOZART 13 service pack 13.0.18

16 August 2018

  • This special service pack updates MusicXML import and export to improve the rendition of MusicXML files exported from Mozart 14.

MOZART 13 version 13.0.17

October 2017

  • Thanks to Mitch Park for noticing some inconsistencies in the Key Tips. These are now fixed.
  • Thanks to Chris Beeson for noticing that chord shapes didn't always update themselves correctly in the chord editor. This is now fixed.
  • F1 on the chord editor tool was failing to bring up help. This is now fixed.

MOZART 13 version 13.0.16

June 2017

  • Thanks to Lindsay Lorden for pointing out a bug when you add line changes in the Barline properties dialogue box (rather than directly). It is now fixed.
  • Thanks to Roger Prowse for discovering that multiple lyric lines exported to MusicXML files were incorrectly numbered, causing problems when other programs imported the file. This is now fixed.
    (But it should be noted that Finale NotePad 2012 does not appear to cope well with more than one lyric syllable attached to a note.)

MOZART 13 version 13.0.15

February 2017

  • Thanks to Roger Prowse for reporting a problem with the copyright string, which seems to have crept in in a recent service pack. It is fixed in this version.

MOZART 13 version 13.0.14

February 2017

  • Thanks again to Bill Braun for reporting further miscellaneous problems with tab staves. These should now be fixed.
  • Thanks to Jaacov Molcho for observing that playback ends to soon if a final bar line with a repeat or redirection coincides with the end-of-tune marker. This is now fixed.
  • A third-party developer has sent us a Korean language module, developed entirely independently of Mozart. This service pack adds support for that module.
  • Continued development of Mozart has exposed a bug in the abc import module, which kicks in if notes in a triplet are marked with accents. This is now fixed.

MOZART 13 version 13.0.13

November 2016

  • Thanks to Bill Braun for reporting some strange results with stems on tab staves. Stems on tab staves are now always drawn to the same vertical position and beams are horizontal.
  • Warnings about chord staves with no chord dictionary have been annoyingly frequent. This should no longer be the case.

MOZART 13 version 13.0.12

August 2016

  • Thanks to Ron Smith for reporting that there are still problems with Macros. One problem is that Macros written for earlier versions of Mozart may not work, and another is that they were not being initialised correctly. Both are now fixed, and if Mozart tries to initialise an outdated Macro, it fais, and offers to delete the file.
  • Thanks to Colin Onions for reporting that when a bar is deleted, stems in subsequent bars return needlessly to their default direction. This is now fixed.
  • Thanks to Jeroen Neve for pointing out that pulling a note up and down with Alt+arrow could reformat the whole bar (in particular changing stem directions) where this is unnecessary. This is now improved.

MOZART 13 version 13.0.11

July 2016

  • Thanks to Zlatoje Pajcic for pointing out that reiteration commands become unavailable from the Ribbon Bar during macro recording. It turned out to be true of a few others too. It is now fixed.
  • And here's one we discovered ourselves while further developing the Danish language module in collaboration with Niels Rasmussen. If you changed languages (with the Languages command on the Options tab) and then in the same session did a Print Preview, then you got a crash. Changing Languages was not reinitialising the (hidden) Print Preview category correctly. After considereable delving into the Microsoft Library source code, we worked out how to fix this, and fixed it now is!
  • The above language/print-preview problem is also now fixed in the MozartReader.
  • Thanks for the observation that tool tips on gallery panes did not include the keyboard shortcutThey were supposed to be there, but Mozart had setting up the tooltips before the keyboard shortcuts had been established! A slight re-ordering has got them back!
  • Thanks to Roger Prowse for pointing out problems of breath marks being moved when music is reformatted. The cure was scheduled for Mozart 14, but we have now introduced it into Mozart 13: breath marks may now be 'attached' to (and offset from) a neighbouring note in the same way as is possible for dynamic markings. This means that, under any reformatting operation, they preserve their position relative to the note.

MOZART 13 version 13.0.10

May 2016

  • Thanks to John Filsak for pointing out that the Properties command (Alt+Enter) did not have the correct action when applied to bar lines. This is now fixed.
  • Thanks to Tony Caporn for finding a serious problem whenever Mozart tries to list the commands forming a macro. This is now fixed. Mozart 13 derives its command names for such lists completely differently from Mozart 12 and this has rsulted in considerable simplification and removal of outdated code!
  • Thanks to Cindy Pedder for noting that whilst gallery buttons could be added to the Quick Access Toolbar, commands corresponding with individual panes of a gallery could not. This was a design feature, but the work on the macro problem above has facilitated a relaxation of this constraint.
  • Thanks to Niels Rasmussen and Andy Jerison for discovering that the Help/Troubleshooting command didn't always recover lost tools when one is using multiple monitors. This Service Pack introduces a different implementation of this command, which should be an improvement.
  • By popular demand, the play-back tool has been enhanced. The tempo factor (by which you can play back at a multiple of the marked tempi) is now set on a per-window basis, so that (for example) you can have two windows open on the same piece, set to play back at different multiples of the marked tempo. The set of parts to play back is also set by the play-back tool on a per window basis. The play button now turns to stop, and pause is a separate button. The icons on the two buttons for "play all parts" and "play chosen parts" have reverted to closer to the form of the those on the old Mozart 12 toolbar.
  • Thanks to Andy Jerison for reminding me that Ctrl+F1 is a standard Windows shortcut for minimising/restoring the ribbon bar. It now does that, and the command for showing the list of commands now has the shortcut Shift+F1.
  • Thanks to Mitch Park and Tony Caporn for discovering that resetting the keyboard shortcuts just removed a lot of them, instead of resetting Mozart's defaults. This is now fixed!
  • In the course of improving the Quick Access Toolbar, I noticed that you can add a whole pane from any ribbon category to the QAT - thank you Mr Gates, though I don't see why you'd want to. The icon on the QAT, for any pane, was a somewhat enigmatic green disk. Each pane now has its own icon. They're all broadly greenish and in a dark green box to distinguish them from command icons.
  • Thanks to those who have reported problems with the index in the help system. At last I made it happen myself, but the problem appears to be intermittent. There were some broken links in the help system index. These shouldn't really have thrown the HTML Help Engine, but one can hope that they were the cause, in which case, now they're fixed, the problem should go away!
  • Thanks to Niels Rasmussen, for pointing out that you cannot set all the lyric text in a selected block to bold or italic. The 'Lyrics' category tab now remains available if you have a selected block including one or more lyric lines, so that this is now possible, as it was in Mozart 12.
  • Thanks to Jeroen Neve for pointing out that the "Beat Delete" command can corrupt text items in the neighbourhood of subsequent bar lines. This is now fixed.
  • Thanks to Clive Longhurst for finding a case in which adding a percussion note on one stave added courtesy accidentals to all! This is now fixed.



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